astrophotography by david lane in utah’s bryce canyon national park and capital reef national park, colorado’s fish creek falls, and yellowstone national park

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Let Go, have Faith and Believe in the Universe’s Timing

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Bad suns

We move like the ocean, but I can’t swim anymore.

"We live in an age where we feel guilt whenever we have to cut someone off but the reality is that some relationships do need to die, some people do need to be unfollowed and defriended. We aren’t meant to be this tethered to the people in our past. The Internet mandates that we don’t burn bridges and keep everyone around like relics but those expectations are unrealistic and unhealthy. Simply put, we don’t need to know what everyone else is up to. We’re allowed to be choosy about who we surround ourselves with online and in real life, even if it might hurt people’s feelings."

- Ryan O’Connell, You Don’t Have To Be Friends With Everybody (via larmoyante)

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"Your mind is always open when your eyes are closed,
Because youre blind to color and youre blind to greed,
Blind to all the things you don’t need."

- Sound Of Change - The Dirty Heads (via readyfortheopenroad)

These late nights alone makes me wish I could steal back the piece of my heart you still have.